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Jenn Tomor

I am a Church Clarity Advocate because as an individual that lands on the LGBTQ list of identities , it is important to know up front where I can feel safe, welcome, and comfortable to attend church. It is also important to know of places to suggest to others like me that may be traveling or new to town and looking for an affirming church to attend. II have personally been negatively affected by non-affirming churches in my life and it is definitely something that has had a challenging impact on my own faith. Avoiding churches that promote conversion therapy and non-affirming sermons is very important to me and many others. Alternatively, if there are individuals that choose to use this database to find non-affirming places to attend, or to be sure that their own church is non-affirming and need to check here rather than speaking to their own church leadership, this is a tool they can use as well. While I do not agree with non-affirming places of worship, this is important to some people.

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