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Jenny Rain

Marketing Manager

One of the greatest joys and greatest heartbreaks of my life was a result of working in a non-affirming church. It was there that I discovered my belief in full-inclusion for all LGBTQ individuals, and also there that I realized the church wasn't on the same page with me. There were no documents that expressly indicated the non-affirming stance. Had they taken the time to create documents clearly outlining their stance, I would have had the opportunity to opt out of taking a leadership position there up front, instead of dealing with the heartbreak of having to leave leadership later. <br /><br />Creating position summaries -- even if a church is non-affirming -- gives people like me a chance to opt-out of service there. Being honest about policies tells me that I'm more than just a "butt in a seat" or a "number." Rather, I'm a human being who matters, even if my stance is different than the church. <br /><br />If you are going to hold a position as a church, don't be duplicitous. Be honest and up front about it. When you don't, people get hurt.

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