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Tyler Krumland

Tyler Krumland

I am an advocate because I know how hard it can be reconcile your sexuality and faith. Add trying to find a church that will welcome you just as you are and it gets that much more complicated, isolating, and scary. My husband and I had a few rough experiences with different churches claiming to be affirming which left us feeling unloved, battered, and hopeless before we found the church we're currently a part of. This is why I think this site and ministry is so important.||After working many years in ministry prior to coming out and then taking some time a way I find Christ calling my heart to serve. Still sorting out what that looks like bi-vocationally I have found that listening and being a safe place to process is one way I can offer my heart, experience, and time. I definitely don't have all the answers but I do love to share in peoples stories and walk with them on this journey of faith. Its in that where I find and meet Christ and I hope others will too.

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