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Church Clarity Advocates agree that Ambiguity is Harmful and Clarity is Reasonable.
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Leadership Team

George Mekhail (he). Executive Director. Architecture.

George has been in the church his whole life. From growing up in the Coptic Orthodox tradition, to serving in Pastor roles within Evangelical and Mainline Churches. Follow him on twitter (@gmekhail) or email him.

Sarah Ngu (she). Database Director. Methodology.

Sarah Ngu is a freelance writer based in New York. A deacon at Forefront Brooklyn church, Sarah co-organizes Queer Communion and is a podcast host. Find her on Twitter and email.

Daniel Chou (he) Website Director. Experience.

Daniel (@danielchou) is editor-in-chief at Inheritance magazine and co-founder of Winnow+Glean, a creative studio that specializes in branding and web development.

Advisory Council

Larycia Hawkins

Larycia Hawkins, Ph.D.,  is a faculty fellow and lecturer at the University of Virginia, a speaker, and an activist. She was the first and only black female tenured professor at Wheaton College, when she wore a hijab to call attention to the most visible targets of Islamophobia, Muslim women. In the wake of her act of embodied solidarity, she and Wheaton College parted ways in February 2016.

Julie Rodgers

Julie Rodgers is a writer, speaker, and leader in the movement working for LGBTQ equality in faith communities. You can read more about her at

Clarity Advocates (100 latest)

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Reverend Donna and Reverend Jim Mullis
Unity Church Gulf Shores, AL, Unity Church Gulf Shores
Unity Church Gulf Shores, AL
Unity Church Gulf Shores
Amelia Markham
Organizing & Programs Coordinator, The Reformation Project
Organizing & Programs Coordinator
The Reformation Project
Walker Brault
, Hamline Church United Methodist
Hamline Church United Methodist
David Spearman
Policy & Data Analyst,
Policy & Data Analyst
Jim Keat
Rev., The Riverside Church
The Riverside Church
Adam Lorenz
Chad Moses
Music/Events, To Write Love On Her Arms
To Write Love On Her Arms
Elliot Vos
Board Member, Mission Friends 4 Inclusion
Board Member
Mission Friends 4 Inclusion
Joshua Blount
Film Maker / Tech Director, Christ Church: Portland
Film Maker / Tech Director
Christ Church: Portland
Grace Kao
Associate Professor of Ethics, Claremont School of Theology
Associate Professor of Ethics
Claremont School of Theology
Jazz Fitzgerald
Founder, You Are Welcome Here
You Are Welcome Here
Scott Russell
Chaplain, Canterbury House
Canterbury House
Kenneth Samuel
Pastor, Victory Church
Victory Church
Sarah Gallagher
Founder, Kaleido Coaching
Kaleido Coaching
Gavin Meisels
Bible/Ministry Major Student,
Bible/Ministry Major Student
David Strugar
AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez
Organizing and Programs Director, The Reformation Project
Organizing and Programs Director
The Reformation Project
Mark Howland
Youth & Young Adult Minister, St Stephen's Lutheran Church
Youth & Young Adult Minister
St Stephen's Lutheran Church
Adam Phillips
Founding Pastor, Christ Church: Portland
Founding Pastor
Christ Church: Portland
Topher Mehlhoff
Rev., United Church of Christ
United Church of Christ
Matthew King
Ordained/Licensed clergy and member of church, Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ
Ordained/Licensed clergy and member of church
Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ
Tim Collins
Vestry member, St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church
Vestry member
St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church
Cathleen Falsani
Writer/Journalist/Author, Sinners & Saints Consulting
Sinners & Saints Consulting
Andrew Gifford
Worship Leader, Stone Village Church
Worship Leader
Stone Village Church
Amber Cantorna
Founder and President, Beyond
Founder and President
Tim Schraeder
Marketing and Communications Strategist,
Marketing and Communications Strategist
Ying Guo
Family Medicine physician,
Family Medicine physician
Caleb Morris
, thelightchase
Ben Burton
Rev., Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Ryan Walton
Fred Harrell
Founder and Sr. Pastor, City Church San Francisco
Founder and Sr. Pastor
City Church San Francisco
Sarah Pomerantz
Reverend, Community Church of Cedar Grove NJ
Community Church of Cedar Grove NJ
David Luster
One of the Pastors, East Coast Community Church
One of the Pastors
East Coast Community Church
J Caleb Collins
Mr., St. Mark's Episcopal Church
St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Robbie Maris
President, Pulse at UWM
Pulse at UWM
Wendy VanderWal Gritter
Executive Director, Generous Space Ministries
Executive Director
Generous Space Ministries
Matt Nightingale
Worship Leader, The Quest
Worship Leader
The Quest
Tyler Krumland
Tyler Krumland,
Tyler Krumland
Nhien Dougherty
Associate Minister, Unity Temple on the Plaza
Associate Minister
Unity Temple on the Plaza
Carla Sofía Vargas
Teacher, writer & daughter of God,
Teacher, writer & daughter of God
Emily Lane
Danielle Powell
Co-Creator/Host, REVEL
Ben Burton
Rev., Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Bethel Lee
Founder + Director, Yoga Chapel
Founder + Director
Yoga Chapel
Ken Bussell
, Bethel Congregational United Church of Christ
Bethel Congregational United Church of Christ
Ophelia Hu Kinney
Writer & Activist,
Writer & Activist
Mark Petersen
CEO, Stronger Philanthropy
Stronger Philanthropy
Jess Kotnour
, Canterbury Kenyon
Canterbury Kenyon
Rev. Emmy R. Kegler
Founder & Editor, Queer Grace
Founder & Editor
Queer Grace
Brandan Robertson
Executive Director, Center for Social Renewal
Executive Director
Center for Social Renewal
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris,
Kevin Harris
Aaron Harris
Artist & Creative Consultant, Aaron Harris Art, LLC
Artist & Creative Consultant
Aaron Harris Art, LLC
Zach Hunter
Author and Social Entrepreneur,
Author and Social Entrepreneur
Sophie Mortensen
, Canterbury Kenyon
Canterbury Kenyon
Scott Spencer
Lead Pastor, Mosaic United Methodist Church
Lead Pastor
Mosaic United Methodist Church