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Clear: Affirming

The score for church websites that clearly communicate affirming LGBTQ+ policies.

Clear websites communicate their policies from their primary pages (e.g. Beliefs, About, Values) or accessibly links to policies from those pages. Alternatively, having openly practicing LGBTQ+ folks represented in pastoral roles would suffice in lieu of a policy. Affirming policies located in denominations’ websites do not count towards a church’s score, as affirming denominations do not require churches to be affirming.

Affirming policies place no restrictions on people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and/or Queer; they are allowed to participate and lead at all levels of church leadership and liturgy (e.g. marriage, ordination). Policies must specify both sexual orientation and gender identity/expression in their affirmation -- if only one is addressed, they will be scored as "unclear." Generic "we are inclusive" or "we welcome all" statements do not meet our standard for clarity.

Missiongathering Issaquah
Issaquah, Washington
Pastor: Rev. Brian Carr
Beaconsfield United Church
Beaconsfield, Quebec
Pastor: Shaun Fryday
Lord of Life Lutheran Church (Ames)
Ames, Iowa
Pastor: Jen Andreas
All Souls Unitarian (Tulsa)
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Pastor: Rev. Marlin Lavanhar
Paradox Ministries
Redlands, California
Pastor: Craig Hadley
Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church
Carrollton, Texas
Pastor: Lora Brandis
College Park Baptist Church
Greensboro, North Carolina
Pastor: Michael Usey
University Mennonite Church
State College, Pennsylvania
Pastor: Kate Heinzel
University Lutheran Church (Seattle)
Seattle, Washington
Pastor: Rev. Tim Wolbrecht
Trinity Episcopal Church (Indianapolis)
Indianapolis, Indiana
Pastor: Reverend Julia E. Whitworth
St. David's Episcopal Church (Austin)
Austin, Texas
Pastor: Chuck Treadwell
San Marcos Lutheran - ELCA
San Marcos,
Pastor: Rev. David Jorstad
Immanuel Lutheran (ELCA)
Seattle, Washington
Pastor: Priscilla Paris-Austin
House for All Sinners and Saints
Denver, Colorado
Pastor: Reagan Humber
First Baptist Church (Dayton)
Dayton, Ohio
Pastor: Kent Berghuis
First Baptist Church (Madison)
Madison, Wisconsin
Pastor: Mark M. Clinger
Grace Lutheran Church of Apple Valley
Apple Valley, Minnesota
Pastor: John Matthews
Colonial Church in Prairie Village
Prairie Village, Kansas
Pastor: Aaron Roberts
EastLake Church
Kirkland, Washington
Pastor: Ryan Meeks
Colts Neck Reformed Church
Colts Neck, New Jersey
Pastor: Scott Brown
All Saints Episcopal Church
Mobile, Alabama
Pastor: Jim Flowers
First Unitarian Church of Dallas
Dallas, Texas
Pastor: Daniel Kanter
University Lutheran Church and Campus Ministry
Tempe, Arizona
Pastor: Gary McCluskey
Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church
Denver, Colorado
Pastor: Rev. Clover Reuter Beal
Faith United Church of Christ (State College)
State College, Pennsylvania
Pastor: Rev. Bret S. Myers
First Presbyterian Church (Columbus)
Columbus, Indiana
Pastor: Felipe N. MartÌ_nez
Christ Church Cranbrook
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Pastor: William Danaher
All Saints' Episcopal Church (Chicago)
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: Bonnie Perry
First Church Congregational UCC
Rochester, New Hampshire
Pastor: Rev. Eliza Tweedy
Lord of Life Lutheran Church (Ames)
Ames, Iowa
Pastor: Jen Andreas
Open Door Church (Maple Ridge)
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Pastor: Bradley Christianson-Barker
McDougall United Church (Calgary)
Calgary, Alberta
Pastor: Rev. Joanne Anquist
Ottawa Mennonite Church
Ottawa, Ontario
Pastor: Anthony Siegrist
Calvary Lutheran Church
Federal Way, Washington
Pastor: Lori Cornell
Commonwealth Baptist Church
Alexandria, Virginia
Pastor: Robin Anderson
Venice United Church of Christ
Venice, Florida
Pastor: Rev. Don Wilson
Two Churches
Kentwood, Michigan
Pastor: The Rev. Mike Wernick
St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral (Memphis)
Memphis, Tennessee
Pastor: Dean Andy Andrews
St. James Cathedral, Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: The Very Rev. Dominic Barrington
St. Alban's Episcopal Church
Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania
Pastor: The Rev. Dennis J. Reid
Knox United Church
Calgary, Alberta
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Greg Glatz
Jan Hus Presbyterian Church
New York, New York
Pastor: Rev. Beverly Dempsey
First & Franklin Presbyterian Church
Baltimore, Maryland
Pastor: Robert P. Hoch
First and Summerfield UMC
New Haven, Connecticut
Pastor: Vicki Flippin
Trinity Episcopal Church (Easton)
Easton, Pennsylvania
Pastor: Andrew T Gerns
Northminster Presbyterian Church (Evanston)
Evanston, Illinois
Pastor: Rev. Michael Dale Kirby
Johns Creek Christian Church
Duluth, Georgia
Pastor: David Kenley
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Seattle, Washington
Pastor: Joanne Engquist
Cleveland Park Congregational United Church of Christ
Washington, D.C.
Pastor: Ellen Jennings
First Congregational Church (Montclair)
Montclair, New Jersey
Pastor: Ann Ralosky
First Congregational Church, Bellevue
Bellevue, Washington
Pastor: Rev. Lisa Horst Clark
St. John's Episcopal Church (Logan)
Logan, Utah
Pastor: Steve Sturgeon
The First Baptist Church of Worcester
Worcester, Massachusetts
Pastor: Brent Newberry
Perkasie Mennonite Church
Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Pastor: Wayne Nitzsche
New Journey Church
Centreville, Virginia
Pastor: Kevin "PK" Hamilton
GLIDE Memorial Church
San Francisco, California
Pastor: Jay Williams
First Christian Church of Portland
Portland, Oregon
Pastor: Bill Jacobs
Riverside Church
New York, New York
Pastor: Amy Butler
Young United Church
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pastor: Tim Crouch
Smithfield United Church of Christ
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pastor: Doug Patterson
Mayflower Congregational Church
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Pastor: Rev. Robin R. Meyers, PhD
All Souls Unitarian Universalist (Shreveport)
Shreveport, Louisiana
Pastor: Rev. Barbara Jarrell
All Souls Episcopal Parish, Berkeley
Berkeley, California
Pastor: Reverend Phil Brochard
East Church (Grand Rapids, MI)
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pastor: Rev. Ruth Fitzgerald
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
San Francisco, California
Pastor: Elizabeth Ekdale
All Pilgrims Christian Church
Seattle, Washington
Pastor: Greg Turk
MCC Portland
Portland, Oregon
Pastor: Nathan Meckley
West Hills Friends Church
Portland, Oregon
St. Peter's Episcopal Church
Charlotte, North Carolina
Pastor: Reverend Jacob Pierce
Emmanuel Friedens Church
Schenectady, New York
Pastor: Rev. Peter JB Carman
Plymouth Church
Des Moines, Iowa
Pastor: Matt Mardis-Lecroy
Transcona Memorial United Church
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pastor: Carol Fletcher
Church In Progress MCC
, Auckland
Pastor: Rev Emily Worman
St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church
San Francisco, California
Pastor: Paul Fromberg
Saint Luke's United Church
Toronto, Ontario
Faith Lutheran Church (Leavenworth)
Leavenworth, Washington
Pastor: Pastor Misael Fajardo-Perez
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Carbondale
Carbondale, Illinois
Pastor: Karen Knodt
First Presbyterian Church (Evansville)
Evansville, Illinois
Pastor: Kevin Fleming
Downtown Presbyterian Church
Nashville, Tennessee
Pastor: Mike Wilson
Midway Hills Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Dallas, Texas
Pastor: Rev. Arthur Stewart
First Church in Sterling
Sterling, Massachusetts
Pastor: Robin Bartlett
Christ the King Lutheran Church (Cary)
Cary, North Carolina
Pastor: Wolfgang D. Herz-Lane
Saint Pauls United Church of Christ
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: Matt Fitzgerald
The Welcome Table Christian Church
Arlington, Texas
Pastor: Jeremy Skaggs
Canadian Memorial United Church
Vancouver, British Columbia
Pastor: Beth Hayward
First Congregational Church of Milton
Milton, Massachusetts
Pastor: John Allen
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Shoreline, Washington
Pastor: Pam Russell
Northside Drive Baptist Church
Atlanta, Georgia
Pastor: James Lamkin
Claremont United Church of Christ
Claremont, California
Pastor: Rev. Jen Strickland
Old South Church
Boston, Massachusetts
Pastor: Nancy Taylor
Rainbow Mennonite Church
Kansas City, Kansas
Pastor: Ruth Harder
Hamilton Mennonite Church
Hamilton, Ontario
Pastor: Alissa Bender
All Peoples Christian Church
Los Angeles, California
Pastor: Rev. Robert Allan Blair Jr.
St. Andrew Lutheran Church
Beaverton, Oregon
Pastor: Mark Brocker
Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship
Fairhope, Alabama
Mission Hills Christian Church
Los Angeles, California
Pastor: Ryan Pryor
St. George's Episcopal Church (Fredericksburg)
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Pastor: Rev. Joe Hensley
Green Street United Methodist Church
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Pastor: Reverend Kelly P. Carpenter
First Christian Church of Falls Church
Falls Church, Virginia
Pastor: Robert Perry
First Congregational Church, Westfield, NJ
Westfield, New Jersey
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Mark Boyea
St. John's Episcopal Church
Charleston, West Virginia
Pastor: Marquita L. Hutchens
Bushwick Abbey
Brooklyn, New York
Pastor: Nell Archer
Welcome Table Christian Church
Seattle, Washington
Pastor: Rebecca Sumner
Woodland Christian Church (Lexington)
Lexington, Kentucky
Pastor: Rev. Dalene Vasbinder
Christian Temple
Baltimore, Maryland
Pastor: Rick Powell
Metropolitan Community Church Sydney
Petersham, New South Wales
First Christian Church Lansing
Lansing, Michigan
Pastor: Rick Boyd
Lakeview Presbyterian Church
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: Joy Douglas Strome
Pilgrim Faith United Church
Oak Lawn, Illinois
Pastor: Peggy McClanahan
Saint John's Episcopal Church Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: Kara Wagner Sherer
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Baltimore, Maryland
Pastor: Rev. Hentzi Elek
First Baptist Church (Columbia)
Columbia, Missouri
Pastor: Carol McEntyre
Unitarian Universalist Church of Canton
Canton, New York
Pastor: James Galasinski
United Church of Cookeville
Cookeville, Tennessee
Pastor: James Bowman Harris
St. David's Episcopal Church
Hopkins, Minnesota
Pastor: Katherine Lewis
First Congregational UCC Moorhead
Moorhead, Minnesota
Pastor: Rev. Michelle Webber
Emmanuel United Church of Christ
Greenville, South Carolina
Pastor: Dr. Vaughn CroweTipton
First Church Somerville UCC
Somerville, Massachusetts
Pastor: Rev. Da Vita D. McCallister
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
Prescott Valley, Arizona
Pastor: Sarah Birdsall Isakson
St. James Episcopal Church (Knoxville)
Knoxville, Tennessee
Pastor: John Mark Wiggers
University Lutheran Church (Cambridge)
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Pastor: Kathleen O'Keefe Reed
First United Methodist Church of Evanston
Evanston, Illinois
Pastor: Dean Francis
North Anderson Community Church Presbyterian
Anderson, South Carolina
Pastor: Mike Johnston
Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley
Kensington, California
Pastor: Rev. Kristin Schmidt
Durham Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Durham, New Hampshire
United Church of Wayland
Wayland, Michigan
Pastor: Bonnie Simerly
Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee
Tallahassee, Florida
Pastor: Rev. Charlotte Lehmann
Peace Lutheran Church
Austin, Texas
Pastor: Carolyn Albert Donovan
College Hill Presbyterian Church
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Pastor: Todd Freeman
Covenant Baptist Church
Houston, Texas
Pastor: Laura Mayo
Raleigh Mennonite Church
Raleigh, North Carolina
Pastor: Melissa Florer-Bixler
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Alexandria)
Alexandria, Virginia
Pastor: Jeanette Leisk
Central Lutheran Church
Eugene, Oregon
Pastor: Laurie A. Jones
Edina Community Lutheran Church
Edina, Minnesota
Pastor: Stephanie Coltvet Erdmann
Myers Park Baptist Church
Charlotte, North Carolina
Pastor: Ben Boswell
Umstead Park United Church of Christ
Raleigh, North Carolina
Pastor: Rev. Doug Long
St. Peter United Church of Christ
Lake Zurich, Illinois
Pastor: Reverend Ruth Farrell
University Baptist Church (Columbus)
Columbus, Ohio
Pastor: Rev. Robert S. Turner
Greater Purpose Community Church
Santa Cruz, California
Pastor: Christopher VanHall
Jefferson Unitarian Church
Golden, Colorado
Pastor: Wendy Williams
Freedom Friends Church
Salem, Oregon
Pastor: Alivia Biko
St. Luke's Lutheran Church
Bellevue, Washington
Pastor: Mark Griffith
South Church in Andover
Andover, Massachusetts
Pastor: Rev. Dana Allen Walsh
United Church on the Green
New Haven, Connecticut
Pastor: Dr. Rev. Bonnie Scott
Cathedral of Hope UCC
Dallas, Texas
Pastor: Dr. Neil G. Cazares
First Unitarian Church
Alton, Illinois
Pastor: Amy Brooks
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Santa Monica, California
Pastor: The Reverend James Boline
Forest Hills Presbyterian Church
High Point, North Carolina
Pastor: Rev. Joseph (Joe) Blankinship
Trinity Lutheran Church (Madison)
Madison, Wisconsin
Pastor: Susan Schneider
Center Church
South Hadley, Massachusetts
Pastor: Lori Souder
Lyndale United Church of Christ
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Pastor: Rev. Ashley Harness
Liberation United Church of Christ
Seattle, Washington
Pastor: Darrell Goodwin
Plymouth United Church, UCC
Spring, Texas
Pastor: Mak Kneebone
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Nashville, Tennessee
Pastor: Sally Hughes
Saint Luke Lutheran Church
Devon, Pennsylvania
Pastor: Susan Ericsson
Jan Hus Presbyterian Church
New York, New York
Pastor: Rev. Beverly Dempsey
First Presbyterian Church Morgantown
Morgantown, West Virginia
Pastor: Zac Morton
Church of the Savior
Cedar Park, Texas
Pastor: Mary Wilson
Trinity United Methodist Church - Toledo
Toledo, Oregon
Pastor: Rev. Ryan J. Scott
Foundry United Methodist Church
Washington, D.C.
Pastor: Ginger E. Gaines-Cirelli
Sojourners United Church of Christ
Charlottesville, Virginia
Pastor: Susan Minasian
St. John's Episcopal Church (Midland)
Midland, Michigan
Pastor: Rev. Ken Hitch
Broadway United Methodist Church (Chicago)
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: Alka Lyall
United Church in Walpole
Walpole, Massachusetts
Pastor: Anna Flowers
Marble Collegiate Church
New York, New York
Pastor: Michael B. Brown
Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church
Seattle, Washington
Pastor: Kathy Hawks
Free Community Church
Pastor: Rev. Miak Siew
St. Paul and the Redeemer Episcopal Church
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: Julianne Buenting
First Congregational United Church of Christ
Brainerd, Minnesota
Pastor: Leslie Moughty
Churchill Park United Church
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pastor: Janet Walker
Unity Church of the Hills
Austin, Texas
Pastor: Kristen Grandon
Congregational United Church of Christ
Ogden, Utah
Pastor: Gage Church
Embrace United Church of Christ
Richland Hills, Texas
Pastor: Rev Ken Ehrke
Reformed Church of Highland Park
Highland Park, New Jersey
Pastor: Stephanie Kaper-Dale
Emanuel Lutheran Church
New Brunswick, New Jersey
Pastor: Rev Dr. Jeffrey Eaton
United Parish Brookline
Brookline, Massachusetts
Pastor: Kent French
Church of the Savior
Knoxville, Tennessee
Pastor: Rev. John Gill
Woodland Presbyterian Church
Nashville, Tennessee
Wake Forest Baptist Church
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Pastor: Lia Scholl
Immanuel Congregational Church, UCC
Hartford, Connecticut
Pastor: Kari Nicewander
Westminster United Church of Christ
Spokane, Washington
Pastor: Andrea CastroLang
Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church
Adelphi, Maryland
Pastor: Rachel Christensen
St. Paul's on the Green
Norwalk, Connecticut
Pastor: Nicholas Lang
St. Mary's Episcopal Church (Anchorage)
Anchorage, Alaska
Pastor: Michael Burke
Faith Lutheran Church (Okemos)
Okemos, Michigan
Pastor: Pastor Ellen Schoepf
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Binghamton
Binghamton, New York
Pastor: Rev. Douglas A. Taylor
First Congregational Church of Pasadena
Pasadena, California
Pastor: Marlene Pomeroy
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church
Portage, Michigan
Christ the King Lutheran Church
Houston, Texas
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Duane Larson
Epiphany Lutheran Church
Alexandria, Virginia
Pastor: Rev. Karis Graham
Christ Lutheran Church (Prattville)
Prattville, Alabama
Pastor: Daniel Pharr
St. Philip's Episcopal Church (New Hope)
New Hope, Pennsylvania
Pastor: Michael R. Ruk
St. Philip Lutheran Church
Trenton, Michigan
Pastor: Branden Hunt
Christ Church UCC
Maplewood, Missouri
Pastor: Rebecca Turner
Lake Avenue Baptist Church
Rochester, New York
Pastor: Rev. Michael Ford
Saint Jude's Episcopal Church
Cupertino, California
Pastor: Rev. Wilma Jakobsen
Unitarian Universalist Society Of Sacramento
Sacramento, California
Pastor: Roger Jones
Union Church (Berea)
Berea, Kentucky
Pastor: Kent Gilbert
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pastor: Rev. Valerie Ambrose
First Congregational Church of Battle Creek
Battle Creek, Michigan
Pastor: Tom Ott
Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
London, London
Pastor: Simon Woodman
Blue Ocean Faith Columbus
Columbus, Ohio
Pastor: Sue Arns
State College Presbyterian Church
State College, Pennsylvania
Pastor: Dean Lindsey
Park Avenue Baptist Church
Atlanta, Georgia
Glade Church
Blacksburg, Virginia
Pastor: Susan Verbrugge
Bluegrass United Church of Christ
Lexington, Kentucky
Pastor: Marsha Jean Moors-Charles
Calvary Open Door Center
Bellflower, California
Pastor: Mark Elias
Compton Heights Christian Church
St. Louis, Missouri
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Jacquelyn Leigh Foster
Oak Lawn United Methodist Church
Dallas, Texas
Pastor: Rev. Rachel Baughman
All Souls Community Church
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pastor: Rev. Colleen Squires
Church of the Pilgrims
Washington DC, D.C.
Pastor: Ashley Goff
Hope Church
Bloomington, Illinois
Pastor: Jennie Edwards Bertrand
Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing
Lansing, Michigan
Pastor: Rev. Sharon Ketchum
Sacramento First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Sacramento, California
Pastor: Ted Firch
Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church
Dothan, Alabama
Pastor: Rev. Liz Kocher
St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church
Vancouver, British Columbia
Pastor: Dan Chambers
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston
Houston, Texas
Pastor: Dr Rev Daniel OConnell
Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church
Houston, Texas
Pastor: Duane Larson
Balmain Uniting Church
Balmain, New South Wales
Pastor: Nicole Fleming
Old Cambridge Baptist Church
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Pastor: Cody Sanders
First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
Pastor: Ana Levy-Lyons
Longview Presbyterian Church
Longview, Washington
Pastor: Liz Kearney
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Bakersfield, California
Pastor: Rev. Cindy Voien
Creator Lutheran Church
Clackamas, Oregon
Pastor: Ray McKechnie
Saint David of Wales
Portland, Oregon
Pastor: Reverend Kerlin Richter
Founders Metropolitan Community Church
Los Angeles, California
Pastor: Rev. Keith Mozingo
First Congregational Church of Bloomfield
Bloomfield, Connecticut
Live on purpose community church
Vacaville, California
Pastor: Erin Edwards
Church for the Highlands
Shreveport, Louisiana
Pastor: John Henson
St. Paul's Church (Rye Brook)
Rye Brook, New York
Pastor: Jim O'Hanlon
Metropolitan Community Church Good Shepherd Western Sydney Inc.
Granville, New South Wales
Pastor: Robert Clark
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Pastor: Dana Hendershot
The Gathering
St. Louis, Missouri
Pastor: Matt Miofsky
Lord of Life Lutheran Church
Austin, Texas
Pastor: Skip Wachsmann
Gentle Spirit Christian Church
Decatur, Georgia
Pastor: Rev. Paul M. Turner
Lake Edge United Church of Christ
Madison, Wisconsin
Pastor: Lex Liberatore
St. Peter's Episcopal Church Conway
Conway, Arkansas
Pastor: Robert C. Brown
St. Peter's Church
New York, New York
Pastor: Amandus J. Derr
Trinity Lutheran Church (Lynnwood)
Lynnwood, Washington
Pastor: Brian Red Burchfield
Calvary Baptist Church
Washington, D.C.
Pastor: Rev. Maria Swearingen
Comma Church (Trinity United Church of Christ)
Concord, North Carolina
Pastor: Nathan King
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cookeville, Tennessee
Cookeville, Tennessee
Pastor: Mark Pafford
First Presbyterian Church of St. Louis
University City, Missouri
Pastor: Bill Perman
Faith Lutheran Church
Phoenix, Arizona
Pastor: Lara Forbes
The Episcopal Church of St. Mary
Phoenix, Arizona
Pastor: Craig Bustrin
Peace Lutheran Church
Danville, California
Pastor: Steve Harms
Emmanuel Church in the City of Boston
Boston, Massachusetts
Pastor: Pamela L. Werntz
Reformation Lutheran Church
Columbia, South Carolina
Pastor: Tim Bupp
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (Chicago)
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: Craig Mueller
Metropolitan Community Church London
London, Ontario
Pastor: Bruce Lee
Metro Baptist Church
New York, New York
Pastor: Scott Stearman
Luther Place Memorial Church
Washington, D.C.
Pastor: Karen Brau
Peace United Church
Plattsville, Ontario
Pastor: Barb Dawson
The Unity Center
San Diego, California
Pastor: Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcel
Resurrection Lutheran Church
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: Kelly Faulstitch
Montclair Presbyterian Church
Oakland, California
Pastor: Rev. Ben Daniel
GracePointe Church
Nashville, Tennessee
Pastor: Stan Mitchell
Center Church, The First Church of Christ in Hartford
Hartford, Connecticut
Pastor: Rochelle Stackhouse
New Covenant Church of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia
Pastor: Randy Morgan
Plymouth Congregational Church
Lawrence, Kansas
Pastor: Peter Luckey
Springdale Presbyterian Church
Louisville, Kentucky
Pastor: Dwain Lee
St. Paul's Episcopal Church (Concord)
Concord, New Hampshire
Pastor: Kate Atkinson
Lakewood United Church of Christ
St Petersburg, Florida
Pastor: Rev. Kim Wells
Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Pastor: Herb Taylor
First United Methodist Church Schenectady
Schenectady, New York
Pastor: Sara Baron
Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington
Arlington, Virginia
Pastor: Beth Miller
Shiloh Church, UCC
Dayton, Ohio
Pastor: Jay D. McMillen
St. Augustine's Episcopal Chapel
Nashville, Tennessee
Pastor: Becca Stevens
East Liberty Presbyterian Church
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pastor: Randall Bush
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Richmond, Virginia
Pastor: Molly Bosscher
Los Altos United Methodist Church
Los Altos, California
Pastor: Kathi McShane
Royersford Baptist Church
Royersford, Pennsylvania
Pastor: Karen Selig
Judson Memorial Church
New York, New York
Pastor: Rev. Donna Schaper
First Congregational Church (Memphis)
Memphis, Tennessee
Pastor: Cheryl Cornish
Third Lutheran Church
Louisville, Kentucky
Pastor: Steven Renner
Twinbrook Baptist Church
Rockville, Maryland
Pastor: Rev. Jill McCrory
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Pastor: The Rev. Jeffrey D. S. Thornberg
First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pastor: Abbey Tennis
Hamline Church United Methodist
St. Paul, Minnesota
Pastor: Rev. Mariah Furness Tollgaard
First Christian Church Lynchburg
Lynchburg, Virginia
Pastor: Cyd Cowgill
First Congregational United Church of Christ - Kansas
Manhattan, Kansas
Pastor: The Rev. Caela Simmons Wood
Foothills Christian Church
Glendale, Arizona
Pastor: Rebekah Krevens
Sylvania United Church of Christ
Sylvania, Ohio
Pastor: Sam Buehrer
The Church at Ponce & Highland
Atlanta, Georgia
Pastor: Rev. Mimi Walker
Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Pastor: Hannah Roberts Villnave
Kensington Community Church
San Diego, California
Pastor: Darryl Kisler
First United Methodist Church of Austin
Austin, Texas
Pastor: Taylor Fuerst
Colchester Federated Church
Colchester, Connecticut
Pastor: Rev. Lauren Lorincz
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Statesboro
Statesboro, Georgia
Pastor: Jane Altman Page
First Reformed Church of Schenectady
Schenectady, New York
Pastor: Bill Levering
Burlington Lutheran Church
Burlington, Washington
Pastor: Bethany Hull Somers
First Congregational United Church of Christ Madison
Madison, Wisconsin
Pastor: Eldonna Hazen
Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church
Houston, Texas
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Becky Edmiston-Lange
Crescent Hill Baptist Church
Louisville, Kentucky
Pastor: Jason Crosby
Fourth Presbyterian Church (Chicago)
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: Shannon J. Kershner
First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Pastor: Doug Wadkins
Community Church of Durham
Durham, New Hampshire
Pastor: Rev. Jill H. Small
The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection (Nicholasville)
Nicholasville, Kentucky
Pastor: Margaret Shanks
Parkminster United Church
Waterloo, Ontario
Pastor: Joe Gaspar
Sunshine Cathedral
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins
First Covenant Church Minneapolis
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Pastor: Dan Collison
Parkway United Church of Christ
St Louis, Missouri
Pastor: Kevin Cameron
Glendale Baptist Church
Nashville, Tennessee
Pastor: Amy Mears
Augustine United Church
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pastor: Bob Gilbert
First-Plymouth Church
Lincoln, Nebraska
Pastor: Jim Keck
Emmanuel United Church
Waterloo, Ontario
Pastor: Rev. Jenn Hind
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Lexington)
Lexington, Virginia
Pastor: Lyndon Sayers
Grace Episcopal Church
Yukon, Oklahoma
Pastor: Rev. Tim Baer
Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church
Louisville, Kentucky
Pastor: Rev. Elwood R. Sturtevant
Grace Episcopal Church (Brunswick)
Pastor: Spencer Hatcher
Christ Church Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pastor: Timothy Safford
Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church
Houston, Texas
Pastor: Rev. Troy Treash
Pilgrim United Church of Christ
Carlsbad, California
Pastor: Rev. Madison Shockley
The Episcopal Church of St. Michael the Archangel
Lexington, Kentucky
Pastor: Laurie Brock
City Church of Long Beach
Long Beach, California
Pastor: Bill White
St. Ansgar Lutheran Church
Portland, Maine
Pastor: Maria Anderson-Lippert
First Church UCC (Phoenix)
Phoenix, Arizona
Pastor: James Pennington
Mt Pisgah Nashville
Goodlettsville, Tennessee
Pastor: Michael
Watts Street Baptist Church
Durham, North Carolina
Pastor: Dorisanne Cooper
Trinity Lutheran Church (Everett)
Everett, Washington
Pastor: Tim Feiertag
St. Mary's Road United Church
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pastor: Philip Reed
Union Avenue Christian Church
St. Louis, Missouri
Pastor: Michael Riggs
Grace Episcopal Church
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Pastor: Rev. April Berends
First Christian Church of Orange (Disciples of Christ)
Orange, California
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Dayna Kinkade
All Souls Church Unitarian
Washington, D.C.
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Robert M. Hardies
Kirkland Congregational United Church of Christ
Kirkland, Washington
Pastor: Rev. Ryan Lambert
First Church of Christ Middletown
Middletown, Connecticut
Pastor: Julia Burkey
St. Andrew United Church of Christ
Louisville, Kentucky
Pastor: Lori Miller-Price
Holy Covenant United Methodist Church
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: Rev Kelli Beard
South Congregational Church (South Church)
Concord, New Hampshire
Pastor: Rev. Jared Rardin
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Gallup, New Mexico
Pastor: Rev. Lorelei Kay
Falls Church Presbyterian Church
Arlington, Virginia
Pastor: James Sledge
Circle of Mercy
Asheville, North Carolina
Pastor: Nancy Sastings Sehested
Bountiful Community Church
Bountiful, Utah
Pastor: Rev. Jodi Bushdiecker
Trinity Episcopal Church
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Pastor: Rev. Patricia A. Oglesby (Interim Minister)
First Congregational Church of San Jose
San Jose, California
Pastor: Rev. Dr. J. Thomas Gough
College Avenue United Church of Christ
Modesto, California
Pastor: Rev. Michael Schiefelbein
Christ Church Episcopal Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Pastor: Everett Lees
First Baptist Church of the City of Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C.
Pastor: Julie Pennington-Russell
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (Saint Paul)
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Pastor: Bradley Schmeling
St. Peter's United Church of Christ
Carmel, Indiana
Pastor: Lori Bievenour
Christian Fellowship Congregational Church (UCC)
San Diego, California
Pastor: Dr J Lee Hill Jr
Trinity United Church
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pastor: Milly Malavsky
First Unitarian Church
Louisville, Kentucky
Pastor: Kathy Hurt
North Baltimore Mennonite Church
Baltimore, Maryland
Pastor: Dave Greiser
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Littleton, Colorado
Pastor: Dave Palma-Ruwe
Shalom UCC
New Haven, Connecticut
Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church
Houston, Texas
Pastor: Marvin Havard
Dickey Memorial Presbyterian Church
Baltimore, Maryland
Pastor: Rev. Jennifer Barchi
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Pastor: Fred Hammond
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Daniel O'Connell
Salem Lutheran Church
Pastor: Liv Larson Andrews
Forest Hill Church, Presbyterian (USA)
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Pastor: Rev. Dr. John Lentz
St. John's United Church of Christ
Jackson, Michigan
Pastor: Patricia Kenney
McMinnville Cooperative Ministries
McMinnville, Oregon
Saint Mark United Methodist Church
Atlanta , Georgia
Pastor: Beth LaRocca-Pitts
St. Michael's Lutheran Church
Roseville, Minnesota
Pastor: Bradley Froslee
St. Michael's Church
New York, New York
Pastor: Katherine Flexer
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Ambler, Pennsylvania
Pastor: The Rev. Rachel K. Anderson
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
Simi Valley, California
Pastor: Jennifer Chrien
Metropolitan Community Church of Winston Salem
Winston Salem, North Carolina
Pastor: Rev. Jon M. Hamby
Grace United Church of Christ
Houston, Texas
Pastor: Rev. David Pantermuehl
Bethel Encino ELCA
Encino, California
Pastor: Steve Jerbi
Unity Spiritual Center Westlake
Westlake, Ohio
Pastor: Rev Joanne Rowden
Unitarian Church of Staten Island
Staten Island, New York
St. John United Church of Christ
Kankakee, Illinois
Pastor: Barbara Lohrbach
St Anthony Park United Church of Christ
St Paul, Minnesota
Pastor: Victoria Wilgocki
Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church
Duluth, Georgia
Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Church
The Woodlands, Texas
Pastor: Donna Renfro
Northminster Presbyterian Church
Seattle, Washington
Pastor: Dani Forbess
Living Table United Church of Christ
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Rachael Keefe
United Church in Tallahassee
Tallahassee, Florida
Pastor: Rev. Nancy Dahlberg
United Church of Christ Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Pastor: Patrick Rogers
Webster United Church of Christ, Congregational
Webster, New York
Pastor: Carl Richter
First Unitarian Universalist Society of Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Pastor: Jennifer Nordstrom
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Pastor: Jonathan B. Hall
Columbus Mennonite Church
Columbus, Ohio
Pastor: Joel Miller
Church of the Three Crosses
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: Rev. John Hobbs
Cathedral of Hope
Dallas, Texas
Pastor: Dr. Neil Cazares Thomas
Auburn Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Auburn, Alabama
Pastor: Pam Gehrke
Arvada United Methodist
Arvada, Colorado
Pastor: Stephanie Kidwell
All Saints' Episcopal Church, Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills, California
Pastor: Stephen Huber
Unity of The Blue Ridge
Mills River, North Carolina
Pastor: Darlene Strickland
UU Church of Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama
Pastor: Ed Brock
Riverside Avenue Christian Church
Jacksonville , Florida
Pastor: Erin Dickey
Faith Presbyterian Church
Austin, Texas
Pastor: Kyle Walker
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pastor: Chandler Stokes
MissionGathering Christian Church (San Diego)
San Diego, California
Pastor: Brandan Robertson
St. John's United Church of Christ
Grand Rapids, Michigan
St. Martin's Episcopal Church
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: Christopher Griffin
Saint Mark's Episcopal Church
Van Nuys, California
Pastor: Vincent Schwahn
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown
Youngstown, Ohio
Pastor: Joseph Boyd
St. James United Church of Christ
Lovettsville, Virginia
St. James Episcopal
Austin, Texas
Pastor: Janice Krause
Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ
Carnation, Washington
Pastor: Stephen Haddan
Beaconsfeild united church
Beaconsfeild, Quebec
Pastor: Shaun Fryday
Virginia-Highland Church
Atlanta, Georgia
Pastor: Rev. Matthew Laney
The Episcopal Church of the Nativity
Burnsville, Minnesota
Pastor: Dana Fath Strande
Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Olympia, Washington
Pastor: Carol McKinley
Metropolitan Community Church of New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana
Pastor: Alisan Rowland
Hyattsville Mennonite Church
Hyattsville , Maryland
Pastor: Cynthia Lapp
Sojourn Grace Collective
San Diego, California
Pastor: Colby Martin & Kate Martin
Coral Gables Congregational Church
Coral Gables, Florida
Pastor: Dr. Laurinda Hafner
First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple
Chicago, Illinois
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Myron McCoy
Broadway Baptist Church
Fort Worth, Texas
Pastor: Ryon Price
First United Methodist Church
Arlington Heights, Illinois
Pastor: Melissa Earley
Shalom Mennonite Fellowship
Tucson, Arizona
Pastor: Carol Rose
Memorial Congregational Church
Sudbury, Massachusetts
Pastor: Tom O'Brien
Wilshire Baptist Church
Dallas, Texas
Pastor: George Mason
Seattle First Baptist Church
Pastor: Tim Phillips
Zion United Church of Christ
Tonawanda, New York
Pastor: Elizabeth Duffy
All Saints Episcopal Church Pasadena
Pasadena , California
Pastor: Rector Mike Kinman
Maquoketa United Church of Christ
Maquoketa, Iowa
Pastor: Stephanie Haskins
Harmony Creek Church
Dayton, Ohio
Pastor: Mike Castle
Baptist Church of the Covenant
Birmingham, Alabama
Pastor: Sarah Jackson Shelton
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