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Ambiguity is Harmful.

There are millions of churches around the world representing a wide, and often divergent, spectrum of beliefs. This reality has left many important questions unaddressed and confusion about how each unique church translates its beliefs into actively enforced policy. To name a couple: Can a woman preach? Can a queer person be a senior pastor? Questions like these can be elusive.

The condition of ambiguity is often overlooked. But the fact remains that many church policies are unclear or entirely omitted from their websites, causing needless confusion. Ambiguous policies in the church create harm and lead people astray. “Where there is no clarity, the people perish.”

Clarity is Reasonable.

Church Clarity is not advocating for policy changes. Together with our Advocates, we're establishing a new standard for church policy disclosure. Churches have a responsibility to be proactively clear about their policies on their primary websites. Anyone can use our crowdsource form to submit a church to be scored. From there, a team of Church Clarity Volunteers follows a simple yet consistent method, assigning a score to each church based on how clearly their website communicates their actively enforced policies. Once the information is triple checked, it's published to our public database.

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