churches respond to covid-19

A new standard of clarity for the Church Economy is driven by reasonable demands of people like you. Utilizing our Verified Clear methodology of scoring, we are now registering VC Individuals who want to proactively and voluntarily contribute to an increased standard of clarity by modeling that standard with their own advocacy convictions. This is especially impactful among influencers who are willing to publicly disclose their ultimate posture towards the church - the desired fruit of their work. Anyone can register, its free and each submission drives up the demand for an increased standard of clarity.

Also, as a VC Individual, you'll unlock some additional ways of connecting with Church Clarity, including:

  • The option to join our volunteer scoring or data-entry team
  • Authorized reps can claim admin rights to edit a VC Church's Profile
  • VC Individuals can register their organizations to become Verified Clear

Thank you for aspiring to a similar level of clarity that we request from the churches we score. 

If you are on staff at a church and want your church to become Verified Clear, email us!