EXCLUSIVE Membership

Verified Clear Churches:
Enjoying an increased standard of Clarity? Us too. Become a member to keep the momentum going!

Membership Dues
$29/Month or $275/Year
Login Portal (COMING SOON)
CC Members will soon be granted access to make direct updates to thier Church's information (pastor name, logo, sercice times, etc).
Featured on Church Clarity Home Page
CC Members are periodically featured on our Home Page
Input into Membership Benefits & Pricing
CC Members are invited to submit feedback and contribute their talents to improve the collective benefits of membership
VC Badge Licence (COMING SOON)
CC Members will soon receive a Badge Icon which can be embedded into their webpage & linked to their public CC church entry.

What is Church Clarity Membership? 

Churches that have received a Verified Clear score are eligible to become exclusive CC Members! As the church landscape continues to shift rapidly into an uncertain future, Verified Clear churches are emerging as a powerful force, disrupting the ambiguous status quo. Leaders of VC churches are on the front lines of this much overdue infusion of truth into the church. To be clear, recieving a Verified Clear score remains completely free; becoming a Church Clartiy Member simply enhances a church’s visibility and engagement with our audience. Practically speaking, it also allows supports the work of Church Clarity, offsetting our operational expenses.


If a VC church desires to become a member, but doesn’t have the financial resources, they can submit a request to be sponsored, by simply emailing us a brief explanation of your sponsorship needs (this will remain confidential). CC member churches who have the financial resources to cover membership dues beyond their own congregation are encouraged to sponsor one or more eligible VC churches, extending the same benefits to them that are enjoyed by all CC member churches. 

Sponsor a Church for Membership