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EXCLUSIVE Membership

Verified Clear Churches:
Are you enjoying an increased standard of Clarity? Us too. Let's keep the momentum going!

VC Church (non-member)
VC Member
Membership Dues
Completing a policy survey & receiving a VC score is always no cost. Membership is optional.
$29/Month for introductory 6 months
or $150 one time ($24 savings)
“Verified” Status Renewal
Manual Renewal. VC Churches must re-submit policy survey every 6 months to avoid expiration of VC score
VC Score is automatically renewed with your active VC membership
Verified Clear Profile Page
Profile Page on Verified Clear section
Visually Enhanced VC Church Profile Page for Members
Email & Blog Promotion
VC Members are eligible to submit stories for priority review to be published on our Blog & Email Newsletter. Note: submissions remain subject to editorial process
Featured on Church Clarity Home Page
VC Members are periodically featured on our Home Page
Highlighted in Search Results
VC Members are prioritized higher than all other search results
Input into Membership Benefits & Pricing
VC Members are invited to submit feedback and contribute their talents to improve the collective benefits of the association
VC Badge Licence
VC Members receive a Badge Icon which can be embedded into their webpage & linked to their church entry on


VC churches will continue to be the first to benefit from an elevated standard of Clarity, which we believe accelerates as our database grows. The church landscape continues to shift rapidly into an uncertain future, and Verified Clear Churches are emerging as a powerful force that is disrupting the ambiguous status quo. Leaders of VC churches are on the front lines of this much overdue infusion of truth into the church. This pilot program is our attempt to help galvanize this important cohort of churches.

To be clear, having a Verified Clear score remains completely free; becoming a VC Member further enhances your church’s visibility and engagement with this critical work. We want to do our best to present a mutually beneficial approach to this partnership. Take a look at the initial benefits we’re introducing for the VC membership pilot.

To ensure our team has the capacity to successfully execute this pilot and handle the demand, we are capping this inaugural round of VC membership enrollment to 100 churches. Please note that this invitation is first come first served, followed by an enrollment waitlist.

As a special thank you for the early adopters of this pilot, the inaugural VC members will lock in the introductory rate of $29/month for 2 years - even as benefits are added during that time period. They will also have exclusive opportunities to provide feedback and help shape the exciting future of Verified Clear Membership. Our team of over 70 scorers and clarity experts are eager to better understand the needs of our VC Churches and collaborate for the most meaningful impact. After the initial 6 month pilot, we’ll increase the enrollment caps, revisit pricing and invest into developing the most valuable benefits.


If a VC church desires to enroll as a VC member, but doesn’t have the financial resources, they can submit a request to be sponsored, by simply emailing us a brief explanation of your sponsorship needs (this will remain confidential). VC member churches who have the financial resources to cover membership dues beyond their own congregation are encouraged to sponsor one or more eligible VC churches, extending the same benefits to them that are enjoyed by all VC member churches. NOTE: Sponsorships must be funded up front for 6 months ($150).

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