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Completing a policy survey & receiving a VC score is always no cost. Membership is optional.
$29/Month for introductory 6 months
or $150 one time ($24 savings)
“Verified” Status Renewal
Manual Renewal. VC Churches must re-submit policy survey every 6 months to avoid expiration of VC score
VC Score is automatically renewed with your active VC membership
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Profile Page on Verified Clear section
Visually Enhanced VC Church Profile Page for Members
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VC Members are eligible to submit stories for priority review to be published on our Blog & Email Newsletter. Note: submissions remain subject to editorial process
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VC Members are periodically featured on our Home Page
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VC Members are prioritized higher than all other search results
Input into Membership Benefits & Pricing
VC Members are invited to submit feedback and contribute their talents to improve the collective benefits of the association
VC Badge Licence
VC Members receive a Badge Icon which can be embedded into their webpage & linked to their church entry on

#ClarityIsReasonable with Finances.

As we introduce the ability for our supporters to make financial contributions, we aspire to deliver a thoughtful experience for those who would entrust us with their generosity.

An Experiment (seriously, we have no idea if this will "work").

We are currently limiting the solicitation of contributions to those who are already invested in our work at some level and/or have directly asked how they can support Church Clarity. At this time, that means access to this contribution page is by invitation only. We're hoping that if you're reading this (whether or not you elect to contribute), you'd exercise a level of discretion in sharing this page and password, while we continue to discern the best ways to allow this experiment to thrive. For instance, a personal invitation that you feel compelled to extend is welcome and encouraged, whereas a social media post (while extremely generous) deviates from the purpose of this experiment. 

Our intention is to ensure our work is not derailed by the common pressures of fundraising or the distraction of raising money for the sole purpose of perpetuating our own existence. Of course, we'd love to grow, expand and accelerate our work, but we are attempting to be intentional with how this growth takes place, and mitigate the pitfalls of desiring to grow for the sake of growth.

Follow the Money.

We take the responsibility of stewarding your gift very seriously and thank you for considering a financial partnership. To that end, we invite you to Follow the Money! We aim to be transparent and #clear in how we spend our money. As we roll out information about our finances, please provide any questions, comments or suggestions at We’d genuinely love to hear from you.   

Thanks again for helping spread the word that #ClarityisReasonable; you’re making a significant difference.