Financially Contribute to Church Clarity

#ClarityIsReasonable with Finances.

As we introduce the ability for our supporters to make financial contributions, we aspire to deliver a thoughtful experience for those who would entrust us with their generosity.

When Church Clarity launched in October 2017, our leadership team decided to be intentional in our approach to money. After seeing the early momentum, we removed the "donate" button from our home page, opting instead to prioritize crafting a compelling message, developing our systems and articulating our mission effectively. We wanted to ensure that our work is not derailed by the common pressures of fundraising which can cause mission creep in the formative times of a young organization. The distraction of raising money for the sole purpose of perpetuating our own existence has never been attractive to us, neither has defining success by the size of our budget.

Of course, we'd love to grow our team, expand our capacity and accelerate our work. But we are attempting to carefully curate the pace of our growth so that we can mitigate the common pitfalls that come with a motivation to grow for the sake of growing.

Follow the Money.

We take the responsibility of stewarding your gift very seriously and thank you for considering a financial partnership. To that end, we invite you to Follow the Money! We aim to be transparent and #clear about how we allocate funds in service to our mission. As we roll out information about finances, please send any questions, comments or suggestions to We’d genuinely love to hear from you.   

Thanks again for helping spread the word that #ClarityisReasonable; you’re making a significant difference!